Graduation dissertation / Final examination

The final exam consists in the preparation and public discussion of a thesis, normally COMPILATIVE, under the guidance of a supervisor who has a teaching position in the Degree Courses in Pharmacy or Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology; this thesis is mainly based on the collection and elaboration of bibliographic material inherent to subjects belonging to the Degree Course.


The student is given the opportunity to carry out an EXPERIMENTAL thesis. The experimental thesis involves the production of original data through:


 a) experimental activities to be carried out in university or extra-university research laboratories in Italy or abroad;

 b) activities of experimental practical-professional nature to be carried out in public or private healthcare facilities, in Italy or abroad.


The experimental thesis work carried out in other universities or in external, public or private, Italian or foreign institutions necessarily requires authorization by the Committee of the Degree Course. For this kind of experimental activities it is mandatory to stipulate an agreement between the external institutions and UNIPR (if not already in place), and a specific training project.

For these obligations the student must contact the Head of the Committee of the Degree Course and subsequently the OU Student Careers and Services.


15 ECTS are awarded to the final exam.


For students enrolled before a.y. 2019-20, in the case of choice of experimental thesis the student will dedicate to the thesis activity also the 12 ECTS expected for the optional courses.

For students enrolled from a.y.2019-20, in the case of choice of experimental thesis the student will dedicate to the thesis activity 4 out of the 12 credits included in the optional courses.


To begin activities related to the thesis work the student must have acquired at least 180 credits.


The student must contact directly the supervisor and give him the "Entry Form in Thesis" duly completed and signed. At the end of the work of compilative or experimental thesis, the student will have to make available to the Examining Board a copy of the thesis which will be summarized through an oral presentation (about 10 minutes) with the use of computer support.


The procedure for submitting the application for admission to take the degree exam is exclusively online (


The documentation must be delivered to the Organizational Unit Careers and Services to Students of the degree courses of Agro-food and Pharmaceutical address within the term of 30 days from the date of the graduation session.


The graduating student must also finish all exams, including the internship 10 days from the date of graduation and deliver the thesis document 7 days from the date of the graduation session.