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The Single Cycle Degree Course in Pharmacy primarily aims at providing its graduates with the necessary scientific background as well as with the theoretical and practical preparation to practice the profession of pharmacist. This Degree Course represents an adjustment of the pre-existing degree course in compliance with directive EEC 85/432 regulating the pharmacist profession at European level. The professional profile of a pharmacist corresponds to an expert health worker with multidisciplinary scientific and technological competences, able to reach the objectives set by the National Health Care System in order to adequately respond to the changing healthcare needs of the society. The course program not only provides the essential knowledge for the pharmacist profession, but also the necessary advanced scientific skills to operate as an expert in drugs and health products (medical-surgical devices, health articles, cosmetics, dietetic products, herbal products, supplements, diagnostic and chemical-clinical products) in the health, industrial and research sectors.


The program fully meets the educational objectives of the course and includes theoretical lessons and practical laboratory activities and ends with a six-month professional internship at a community or hospital pharmacy. The study plan provides for the acquisition of knowledge and skills in the following subject areas:


  1. physical-mathematical, chemical and analytical area
  2. biological-biochemical and pathophysiological area
  3. pharmacological and toxicological area
  4. chemical-pharmaceutical area
  5. technological-legislative and professionalizing area
  6. Graduates will acquire sufficient competences in at least one European language in addition to Italian.


The course offers the possibility of experiences abroad for training activities and related profit tests, or experimental theses and part of the professional training in a pharmacy.


Admission to the course requires basic knowledge in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.


Professional opportunities are found in community and hospital pharmacies, in pharmaceutical or paramedical companies and laboratories, in the medical-scientific information sector, in public or private research institutions and in secondary school teaching.