The Second-Level Degree Course in Pharmacy aims, first and foremost, to provide its graduates with the scientific base, as well as the theoretical and practical knowledge they need to operate as Pharmacists, once passed the national qualifying examination to exercise the profession, as per the EEC Directive 85/342 and its modifications, as well as to operate as an expert in the fields regarding drugs and health products, from their development, production, formulation, distribution and scientific information.


This Course is an adaptation of the Degree Course predating EEC Directive 85/342, an act regulating the profession of pharmacist at the EU level. Therefore, this Course is a single-cycle one, with a duration of five years, as per the Italian Ministers’ Decree 270/04.


The study curriculum provides multidisciplinary knowledge, as well as theoretical and practical skills in the fields of chemistry, biology, botany, biochemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry and technology, including those methods used in quality control and assessing of drugs. By the same token, the graduates of this course will be taught about microbiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology and toxicology, pharmacovigilance as well as the main features of dietetic, cosmetic and herbal products, and pharmaceutical legislation in full compliance with both Italian and EU relevant law.


This Degree Course includes six months of curricular traineeship (about 900 hours corresponding to 30 ECTS University Credits), to be carried out during the fourth and the fifth year of the Course, in a public or a hospital pharmacy.


At the end of the training Course, the student takes the final exam which consists in the discussion of a written thesis with a compilation or experimental character concerning topics related to curricular disciplines. Finally, the educational offer allows the acquisition of a good knowledge of spoken and written English language.


The whole of this knowledge is crucial for the graduates of this course to be able to effectively manage pharmacy acting as an important link between patients and doctors, counseling the public about the correct use of medicines and medical devices, promoting public health and adherence to therapies, and correctly formulating, controlling and supplying pharmaceutical and health products.


The graduates have also the skills to operate in designing, producing, assessing and distributing drugs and health products in pharmaceutical industry as well as to carry out the activity of scientific informant on drugs/medical devices/health products or researcher in the pharmaceutical field.


Furthermore, the Second-Level Degree Course in Pharmacy provides its graduates with the competencies and the learning skills they need in order to tackle Master’s Degrees, Specializations and Ph.Ds while constantly updating their knowledge in full compliance with the relevant law in force.