Course board

Head of the course
Prof. Elisabetta Barocelli | Phone: +39 0521 905093
Email Address:

Council of the Course

The Council is constituted by professors and researchers belonging to the course and a representation of the students.

Students 'representatives: Carlotta Lanzillotta, Erica Longo, Laura Miele, Arianna Montemurro, Agnese Antonella Rochira, Stefano Sala, Sara Zorzi.

The assignments of the Council of the Course are disciplined by the University Didactic Regulations.


Quality Assurance Responsible for the Course (RAQ)
Prof. Franca Zanardi

Teaching Quality Manager for the Course (MQD)
Dr. Donatella Lombardini

Examination Group
Prof. Elisabetta BAROCELLI (Head of the course), Prof. Franca Zanardi (RAQ), Dr. Donatella Lombardini (MQD), Vincenzo PANGALLO (Students 'representative), Prof. Silvia RIVARA, Prof. Claudia SILVA.

Delegates for entry guidance and tutoring
Prof. Elda Favari, Prof. Claudia SILVA, Prof. Valentina Zuliani.

Contact Person for international exchange
Prof. Alessio Lodola (Coordinator), Prof. Alessandra Rossi, Prof. Ilaria Zanotti.

Delegate for outbound orientation
Prof. Sara Nicoli

Reference person of the Department in favor of students with disability
Prof. Franca Zanardi